Is the electronic cigarette toxic?

PARIS (Reuters) – The electronic cigarette is composed of non-negligible amounts of carcinogenic molecules such as formalin, according to research conducted by the magazine 60 million consumers.

The results released Monday by the magazine show a more or less high content of formaldehyde, acrolein and acetaldehyde depending on the brand of disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarettes with or without nicotine.

What worries most is the presence of acrolein, a toxic by inhalation or ingestion and whose contents proved superior to those of conventional cigarettes, the study notes.

The testing center of the magazine conducted its study on a new method : vapor electronic cigarettes have been observed in relation to their composition and not even a comparison to substances in tobacco smoke , but the details the means to achieve these results remain unclear.

According to a report by the French Office for Smoking Prevention (OFT) published last May, the e- liquids contain and release of other potentially irritating and/or classified as toxic, but much more often less than the tobacco smoke. The same report had concluded that the absence of carcinogen.

To Mickaël Hammadi, Chairman of collective actors of the electronic cigarette, it is a product that should not be consumed without knowing. It takes a frame around the electronic cigarette.

Mickaël Hammadi, speaking on RTL and asked to meet the Minister of Health calls for the standardization of components of the liquid refill e- cigarettes to stop what he calls the “anything”.